Its a Lifestyle

About Us 


• To be the best talent seeking agency that provides a platform for talent and family entertainment in Africa.

•  To be the hub of  practical education in entertainment, moral re-generation, business intelligence and leadership development. 


• To mold good character among the youth and provide a platform for talent.

• To produce and manufacture the most talented artists from the grass roots of South Africa and to take them to international heights.  


• To create an environment that fosters artistic and entrepreneurial development.

• To fight against the social ills which ravage the youth such as substance and alcohol abuse, truancy, anger, moral degeneration, teenage pregnancy, crime, violence and illiteracy. 

• To create solutions for youth unemployment.

ITCA empowers the youth by using their talents to create their own brands and companies.

We groom them and provide intense training, with professional instructors who assist them in master their craft.  We don't believe in rejecting talent that is underdeveloped and inexperienced instead we offer a training course called  "Teach One Touch All".

Teach One Touch All program will prepare them for all the stages of the competitions and ensure they are fully equipped to break into the industry, make a name for themselves and build a reputable company.

ITCA has a diverse portfolio as some of our talents have been recruited by reputable companies such as Virgin active as instructors. ITCA and its associations has hosted a number of events over the previous years with A-list celebrity performances such as AKA, KULI CHANA, REPERTOIRES, PRO TWERKERS, 300 CRU, PERPLEXED CRU AND IBOYZ. ITCA featured in  Hype magazine which is issued nation-wide .

ITCA ambassadors have made appearances and performances on a number of Television shows in South Africa such as

Pepsi advert,Yo tv,Jam Ally, 3Mobile advert, Music Moves Me ,Turn up and dance, Generations, Bloodline(movie),Jonathan (movie) The Ultimate Mash up(movie) and Vuzu.